Arquette is the alter ego project of Marquez Ill and came to life in 2012. Arquette has released a couple of remixes since then on Opossum Recordings, Society 3.0 Recordings, Dilek Records, Voltage Musique Records and Waldliebe Familien. In early 2013 he had a release with Ditto from New Zealand on Belgian label Reworck. Arquette represents sample-based House music with retro elements deeply rooted in Black Music.

Marquez Ill – Sunrise EP

Released by Opossum Recordings
Remixes by Arquette, Frank Martiniq
Cat# OPSM035
Produced at HenMounTain Studios
Mastering by Salz Mastering

With Sunrise, Voltage Musique co founder Marquez Ill delivers an insistent three-note bassline repeats over tight toms as pads build to support an epic, brassy sustained hook. Under his housier moniker Arquette he reinterprets his original with a longer percussive build to rubber-band synths and shining, psycadelic vibes. Frank Martiniq reduces the original to deep, woody, knocking noises over a misty morning after hours groove.