Voltage Musique Records co-owner Marquez Ill presents his essential selection. Related to the label for more than 10 years Marquez Ill shares now his personal favourites. You’ll find solid bangers and classic tunes but also some hidden gems. Fantastique musique for fantastique people.

Featuring 26 original tracks and remixes by Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz, Dirt Crew, Echonomist, Gunnar Stiller, Douglas Greed, Tigerskin, Madmotormiquel, Schlepp Geist, Snuff Crew, Exercise One, Sid Le Rock, Mooryc, Agaric, Daniel Nitsch, DkA, Hans Nieswandt, Lemos, Exon, Helms (Umami) and Marquez Ill.

Released by Voltage Musique Records
17th July 2017

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