Co-owner of now defunct Voltage Musique Records, Berlin based MARQUEZ ILL aka ARQUETTE is better known for his DJ and production skills. Not restricting himself to his native Berlin, Marquez was influenced by the scenes of Cologne as well as Belgium and the Netherlands when he moved there for a couple of years.

Nowadays behind the decks everywhere he’s best known for his productions with numerous vocalists like Leigh Myles, Bright Light Bright Light, Onosizo and Jessica Care Moore where he combines his love for early House music with 10 years experience as a Hip Hop DJ and producer.

Marquez‘ deep, soulful and refreshingly original take on electronic music has resulted in his tracks being played by Laurent Garnier, Markus Kavka, Seth Troxler, Maya Jane Coles, Hans Nieswandt, Phonique, Tigerskin, Dirt Crew, Jay Lumen, Sidney Charles, Hernan Cattaneo, Pole Folder, Jody Wisternoff, Kassey Voorn, Paul Hazendonk, Tom Novy, Solee, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, The Glitz, Aka Aka, Beth Lydi, Felix Cage, Franco Bianco among others.

Marquez Ill Presents Voltage Musique Essentials

Voltage Musique Records co-owner Marquez Ill presents his essential selection. Related to the label for more than 10 years Marquez Ill shares now his personal favourites. You’ll find solid bangers and classic tunes but also some hidden gems. Fantastique musique for fantastique people.

Featuring 26 original tracks and remixes by Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz, Dirt Crew, Echonomist, Gunnar Stiller, Douglas Greed, Tigerskin, Madmotormiquel, Schlepp Geist, Snuff Crew, Exercise One, Sid Le Rock, Mooryc, Agaric, Daniel Nitsch, DkA, Hans Nieswandt, Lemos, Exon, Helms (Umami) and Marquez Ill.

Released by Voltage Musique Records
17th July 2017

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DkA vs. Hollis P Monroe – Snooze It Off (Marquez Ill Remix)

You can’t go wrong with this collaboration between talented Belgian producer DkA and American House legend Hollis P Monroe. House hymn “Snooze It Off” strikes with the power of a lightning bolt taking the shortest route from your ears to your feet. Voltage Musique label head Marquez Ill adds some extra monster drive to his ill remix. Shifting down a gear, late night groover “Noche” features wicked Spanish vocals by Elenita.

Released by Voltage Musique Records
10th April 2017

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DkA vs. Hollis P Monroe – Snooze It Off (Marquez Ill Remix):

M.F.S Observatory – Coming To Town (Marquez Ill Remix)

A year ago My Vision Records had just been born with their first release called „Afrikan“ by Blakwood. Now they are proud to welcome MFS: Observatory, a young Italian duo coming from Naples with their incredible tracks „Coming To Town „&“ Bolero“ two real bombs cut for the dancefloor. On the remix side, they are more than honored to have Marquez Ill, talented Berlin producer and co-owner of Voltage Musique Records and of course Blakwood is back with its personal and wonderful sounds..

Released by My Vision Records

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M.F.S Observatory – Coming To Town (Marquez Ill Remix):

Tagträumer² – Williamsburg (Marquez Ill & HELMS Remix)

Robert Stolt aka Tagträumer² is arguably one of the most diverse and personal artists to bring his own take to the contemporary electronic music scene. His focused, sharp and warm approach to production is as tantalizing as the stunning melodies that are found in his blend of techno. On Williamsburg and East River, Tagträumer²’s latest tracks, dreamy and haunting music landscapes mix in with some gritty grooves and deep beats. Showcasing an uncommon talent for song arrangements and a knack for creating memorable atmospheres, Robert is a big supporter of the beauty of records and the power of music across all boundaries. As a music fan first and a creator second, he set out to make music that feels as true as the releases that made him fall in love with the craft of song-writing and producing in the first place. His tracks are energetic, punchy and powerful, while remaining incredibly direct and straight to the point. His tunes are like catching up with an old friend after many years: There’s a pleasant familiarity but there’s always something new and exciting. Williamsburg and East River are a really cool tribute to New York City’s dazzling cultural and music scene, and Robert did a really great job portraying the atmospheres of the big apple through the scope of electronic music.The stunning remixes come from Ante Perry and Marquez Ill & HELMS. Found out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story…

Released by Society 3.0 Recordings

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Tagträumer² – Williamsburg (Marquez Ill & HELMS Remix):

Douglas Greed – Front Tier (Marquez Ill Remix)

Douglas Greed is back with brand new sounds after his Voltage Musique debut „Absolutely I Will Feat. Kuss“. All three Original tracks come along with Douglas‘ typical impish charm and head directly to the dance floor. Echonomist and Marquez Ill deliver their distinct interpretations of „Push It“ and „Front Tier“ to complete the highly inflammable bundle. Push it!

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR074
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

iTunes | Beatport | Juno Download | WhatPeoplePlay | Traxsource & Marquez Ill – Make Some Noise

„Analogue sounds and 909 beats unite on ‘Make Some Noise’, a track that was created together with Marquez Ill and absolutely lives up to its name.“
Don’t miss my collabo w/ on My Favourite Freaks. Supported by Troy Pierce, Santé, NiCe7, Upercent, Figueroa & Obando, Sam Divine, YOST KOEN, Groove Armada (Tom), Avotre, Gene Farris, Greg „Stryke“ Chin, Marcos In Dub, Franco Bianco, Pizeta, Chris Kionke, DJ Purple Rabbit, Deron Delgado, Tony SlackShot, LAURENT N., Rob Pearson, Erwin Kelemen, Arquette and Solarc.

Released by My Favourite Freaks

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Exon Bacon & DkA – Bassick (Marquez Ill Rawmix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR068
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

Supported by Andre Crom, Animal Trainer, Joyce Muniz, Eskuche & Nu Sky, The Deepshakerz, Deepshizzol and more.

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Brussels earlier this year… Marquez Ill heard an outstanding demo track in a b2b set with Exon Bacon and had to sign it for Voltage Musique Records right on the spot. And here comes Bassick the crazy bass driven monster tune by Exon Bacon & DkA with remixes by Andreas Henneberg and Marquez Ill. For more about Exon Bacon and DkA please check their latest works on labels like Mobilee (GEACKS EP), Get Physical (Collapse EP), Play Label, Electronical Reeds and more. From Brussels with lov… erm BASS.


Exon Bacon & DkA – Bassick (Marquez Ill Rawmix):

The Micronaut – Jet (Marquez Ill Remix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR064
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

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Here comes Polka Dot – Part Two and brings us pleasant anticipation of future festivals and open airs. The Micronaut opens the clouds for some sun and floats between lightheartedness and melancholic melodies. Dope remix work this time by Freude Am Tanzen dude Mooryc and Voltage Musiques finest Helms and Marquez Ill.


The Micronaut – Jet (Marquez Ill Remix):

Marquez Ill – Damn Right Feat. J.C. Moore

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR062
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

Supported by Laurent Garnier, Andre Crom, Âme, Betoko, Martin Landsky, Sidney Charles, Gorge, Animal Trainer, Nico Stojan, Luna City Express, Moodymanc, Echonomist, Re.You,, Nicolas Masseyeff, Stacey Pullen, Robert Owens, Steve Lawler, Wally Lopez, Marco Carola, Beatamines, Mihai Popoviciu, The Glitz, Piemont, Boss Axis, Reboot, Technasia, Hector Romero, Lars Wickinger, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Horatio, Falscher Hase, Joyce Muniz, Helms, Magnetic Magazine, Zoë Xenia, Dan Drastic, Sascha Cawa, AGENT!, Johnwaynes, MixMag Germany, Defected Radio Show, DJ Linus, Hermanez, Patrick Kunkel, Bobby Starrr, Dole & Kom, Ron Flatter, Illy Noize, Boss Axis, Faray, Andreas Henneberg, Sid Le Rock, Marcus Meinhardt, Arquette, Marc DePulse, Bollen & Fichtner, Das Schöne Leben Magazin, Vector Lovers and more.

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Once again Marquez Ill comes along with an outstanding collaboration. Detroit’s poet and activist Jessica Care Moore dedicated her lyrics to the late Amiri Baraka. She already worked with the likes of George Clinton, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Roy Ayers and Gil Scott Heron. Dope remix contributions by everybody’s darling Douglas Greed and UK’s electro pioneer Orson Bramley (of Transparent Sound). Marquez Ill’s second track Pillow Talk comes with a trippy Schlepp Geist remix. Damn Right!

Marquez Ill – Damn Right Feat. Jessica Care Moore:

Boss Axis – Continental (Marquez Ill Remix)

Released by Play Label Records

Boss Axis – Continental (Marquez Ill Remix)
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Summit Sessions Radioshow: „The Marquez Ill remix is my favorite because it preserves the beauty of the original while giving it a little extra kick of intensity that makes it much easier to drop in a set just about anywhere.“, This Is Wy We Dance,, Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory), Manuel Sahagun (OFF Recordings, Drop Music, Kolour Recordings), Pure FM,,, Digital FM – DFM, Souldust (Electronical Reeds), Karl M (PFL, Treibstoff, Trapez Ltd), Steve Forget (03 Records), Da Sunlounge (Myna Music), CP (Bedrock / Pulse Factory), Sam Divine (Defected), Lars Wickinger (So What Music!), Laurenzinho (Play Label / Woodstrasse / VoyageVoyage), Henry Saiz, Horatio (Natural Rhythm, VIVa Music), Ben Tax, CYBERX, Di Rugerio, Dialog/Mixtropolis CJUM 101.5 FM Winnipeg, Canada/JetsetLife Radio, MauriO’Mas (IT), Rob Simas/Magnetic Magazine, SASCH BBC, Sergio Matina, Thomas Leyh, Vangelis Sileos

Boss Axis – Continental (Marquez Ill Remix)

Marquez Ill – Dr. Feelgood Feat. Onosizo

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR057
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

Early support by Robert Owens, Stacey Pullen, Mihalis Safras, Kollektiv Ost, Philipp Straub, Steve Lawler, Rich Vom Dorf, Ryan Dupree, Andreas Henneberg and many more.

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Marquez Ill and DATA MC vocalist Onosizo created their Dr. Feelgood to let you know that you have to take it easy sometimes. Along comes a little club monster with a mischievous vibe and a hook you won’t easily forget. If you like it hot you definitely need to check Faray’s remixes. Max Duke’s version goes deep but is always on point to please the crowd as well as Paronator’s remix which was rolled out to epical 13 minutes of joy. Listen to the Doctor!

Marquez Ill – Dr. Feelgood Feat. Onosizo:

VA – Les Amis 05

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR056

1) Tigerskin & Marquez Ill – Punkass (Original Mix)

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In 2014 Voltage Musique Records is still on top of things. The well-known vinyl-series „Les Amis“ transforms into a compilation of now eight A-sides with tracks from known and new faces. Next to The Glitz, Andreas Henneberg, Faray and Marquez Ill they welcome Douglas Greed, Tigerskin, Pawas, Echonomist and Schlepp Geist to the party. Les Amis 05 brings eight killers and no fillers to the floors.

The Glitz – Not Easy (Marquez Ill Remix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR055

1) Not Easy (Original Mix)
2) Not Easy (Sidney Charles Remix)
3) Not Easy (Marquez Ill Remix)
4) Not Easy (David Phillips Remix)

Late 2012 nobody expected The Glitz‘ NOT EASY to be that hot. But after a couple of weeks and months NOT EASY could be found in numerous playlists and DJ-charts by the likes of Loco Dice, Santé and Yousef. For DJ-Mag Germany it was one of the most important tunes 2012 and even Defected licensed it for “Loco Dice – In The House Compilation”. Enough reasons to put a new The Glitz version and three remixes by Sidney Charles, Marquez Ill and David Phillips on the table. Lets go!

The Glitz – Not Easy (Marquez Ill Remix):

VA – Bleu

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR054

2) Marquez Ill Feat. Bright Light Bright Light – All It Takes (Dirt Crew Rework)
8) Marquez Ill Feat. Leigh Myles – Regret (Original Mix)

Who would have thought 10 years ago that Voltage Musique can now count more than 50 releases under the motto “Fantastique musique for fantastique people”. So it was about time for the four dudes Andreas, Markus, Daniel and Stefan to come up with their first label compilation called “BLEU”. 11 tracks to show the labels variety and 11 tracks that have moved DJs and audiences. To name a few artists: Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill, Kombinat100, The Glitz, Marek Hemmann, Marcus Meinhardt, Dapayk, Lemos & more. Voltage Musique is proud of 10 fantastique years and is looking forward to 10 more. Fantastique musique for fantastique people!

Marquez Ill & Daniel Nitsch – I Feel Memory (Extended Mix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR050
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

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Voltage Musique freut sich mit der Katalognummer 50 über das zweite Jubiläum in diesem Jahr! Wer hätte vor 10 Jahren gedacht, dass die vier Labelmacher gerade 2013 frischer denn je die Musikwelt durcheinanderwirbeln und ihre ganz eigenen Akzente setzen! So verspricht auch niemand zu viel, wenn man sagt, dass es die 50 in sich hat. Jeweils zwei der Voltage-Musique-Macher haben sich einem gemeinsamen Song gewidmet. Andreas Henneberg und Stefan Krogmann haben mit „Mine“ eine Hymne für die großen Sommermomente gezaubert. Dazu packen Marquez Ill und Daniel Nitsch mit „I Feel Memory“ ihr Herz für die großen Dancefloors aus. Das macht Lust auf weitere 50 fantastische Releases! Chapeau!

Marquez Ill & Daniel Nitsch – I Feel Memory (Extended Mix):

Dole & Kom – Da Da (Marquez Ill Meets Arquette Remix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Artist: Dole & Kom
Title: Think About Me EP
Cat# VMR047
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

Already on Les Amis 04 the two guys convinced fans of Voltage Musique with their track Think About Me which could be found afterwards in numerous DJ-playlists. Now they are back with a full EP by the same name with 3 original tracks and a dope remix by Voltage Musique’s own Marquez Ill.


Marquez Ill – Sparks Fly Feat. Leigh Myles

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Remixes by, Sid LeRock, Christian Gleinser
Cat# VMR046
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

A kicking dancefloor anthem with sultry vocals lamenting of forbidden love… with „Sparks Fly“ Marquez Ill and Leigh Myles have once more created a fusion of punchy rhythms and sassy vocals. A love-song??? Maybe, but in the darkest, twisted most danceable sense. The remix strips the track back to basics, focussing on a sparser more percussive sound. Sid LeRock throws his passion into the track with a remix that makes a feature of Leigh’s vocals, adding slick effects and textures over an infectious rhythmical backdrop. Finally, „Sparks Fly“ gets an original electro makeover by Christian Gleinser. Soaring synths and a punchy electro beat give it a timeless, sleazy dimension.


Marquez Ill – Sunrise (Echonomist Remix)

A1. Deo & Z-Man – E-Pos (Sacha Robotti Remix)
A2. Marquez Ill – Sunrise (Echonomist Remix)
B1. Deepchild – Hot For Ashton (Alland Byallo Remix)
B2. Sven Kerkhoff & Sidney Charles – Funky Fingers (Snilloc Remix)

Released by Opossum Recordings
Remixed by Echonomist
Cat# OPSM 037

This remix was originally made by Echonomist for Marquez Ill’s – Sunrise EP (OPSM 035) but eventually released on VA – Hands On Hits 2 (OPSM 037).


Marquez Ill – I’ll Kill You Last EP

Released by Dilek Records
Remixes by Tigerskin, Cascandy
Cat# DLK011
Produced at HenMounTain Studios

On his first vinyl EP for the chameleonic Swiss/Argentinean label Dilek Records, the German producer Marquez Ill presents three original tracks, perfect to make a transition and conquer your senses during these fast-changing times. His rhythmic approach on I’ll Kill You Last EP will get you hooked! We know that Dilek Records is a unique label, and that it doesn’t release more than two records per year. But we did not know that after a release so bold and transgressive, like the past one was, including the remixed version of a top prize winner of the film industry, it could get out with this strong, but yet subtle vinyl, hard figure to get in a records shop nowadays. Well, Marquez Ill, Tigerskin and Cascandy made it possible, with this new red vinyl edition. I’ll Kill You Last!

Marquez Ill – Sunrise EP

Released by Opossum Recordings
Remixes by Arquette, Frank Martiniq
Cat# OPSM035
Produced at HenMounTain Studios
Mastering by Salz Mastering

With Sunrise, Voltage Musique co founder Marquez Ill delivers an insistent three-note bassline repeats over tight toms as pads build to support an epic, brassy sustained hook. Under his housier moniker Arquette he reinterprets his original with a longer percussive build to rubber-band synths and shining, psycadelic vibes. Frank Martiniq reduces the original to deep, woody, knocking noises over a misty morning after hours groove.


Marquez Ill – All It Takes Feat. Bright Light Bright Light EP

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Remixes by Dirt Crew, Ditto
Cat# VMR042
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

„All It Takes“ is the long-awaited third single from Marquez Ill on Voltage Musique. Definitely worth waiting for, „All It Takes“ features vocals by Bright Light Bright Light – one of London’s up and coming talents. With a pinch of House music and a dash of pop attitude „All It Takes“ gives some much-needed soul to club music. Marquez Ill is supported by a rework from house legends Dirt Crew as well as refreshing remixes from New Zealand’s Ditto. Played by AKA AKA, Alexi Delano, Andreas Henneberg, Azari & Ill, Beatamines, Danilo Vigorito, Dirt Crew, Dubfire, Fabian Reichelt, Franco Bianco, Gel Abril, Glanz and Ledwa, Greg Delon, Gunnar Stiller, Haito, Homebase, Jamie Jones, Jesse Rose, Joy Kitikonti, Josh Wink, Klangware, Kolombo, Lars Wickinger, Lula Circus, Maceo Plex, Marcus Meinhardt, Michel de Hey, Mihalis Safras, Nudisco, Paco Osuna, Paso, Pierre Deutschmann, Pizeta, Roberto Rodriguez , Ron Flatter, Satoshi Fumi, Siopis, Steve Bug, The Glitz, Tim Green, UGLH!


Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill & Leigh Myles – Thousand Paper Cranes

Released by Snuff Trax
Cat# STJP000

Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill & Leigh Myles – Thousand Paper Cranes

Finally, here it is! We are so proud and happy that the benefit compilation “Snuff Trax for Japan” finally is finished! Take a look at all the great artists who contributed to this compilation and the marvellous tracklist, we are sure, you will love it! And of course, you help the people of Japan, because we will donate 100% of the profit to the Red Cross. So – please! – buy it! Even if you usually prefer to get your mp3s from *cough* inofficial sources… this time it is really important to buy them and support our project. Thank you very very much in advance! Not only will we love you madly for the rest of our lives, but you will also get lots of carma – of course!

Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill & Leigh Myles – Thousand Paper Cranes:

Marquez Ill – Regret Remixes EP

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Remixes by Tigerskin, The Glitz, Vector Lovers, Franco Bianco
Cat# VMR033
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

We laced a great package within a very club compatible remix of The Glitz as well as a Tigerskin interpretation for the Deephouse lovers. A bit more moony and faraway are the reworks from Vector Lovers and from Franco Bianco. All in all a very felicitous restage of Marquez Ill’s and Leigh Myles’s smash hit.…


Marquez Ill vs Pole Folder – Nocturne (Alexanderplatz Mix)

Taken from Marquez Ill vs Pole Folder – Nocturne EP
Released by Reworck
Cat# RW4
Country: Belgium
Produced by Marquez Ill & Bobby Soulo
Mastered by Robert Babicz

Supported by Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Tigerskin, SIS and Franco Bianco. Berlin meets Brussels on Pole Folder and Marquez Ill’s new collaboration ‚Nocturne‘. Voltage Musique’s Marquez Ill’s Alexanderplatz Mix does Berlin proud with a tight tech house groove driven forwards by raw percussion and soulful deep house vocals. Reworck label boss Pole Folder’s Grand Place Mix is a funky concoction of funky house and Belgium melodic nu beat, which somehow, still works wonders. And both are the sound of two cities in tandem.


Marquez Ill – Control Feat. Leigh Myles

Taken from VA – Les Amis 02
Released by Voltage Musique
Cat# VMR031
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

Control supported by Markus Kavka, Gabriel Ananda, Pierce, Andy Kohlmann, Vector Lovers, Gunnar Stiller, Franco Bianco, Ron Flatter, Glanz and Ledwa, Brothers Vibe…


Marquez Ill – Ill Is Ill EP

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Remixed by Monoroom
Cat# VMR020
Produced and Mastered at HenMounTain Studios

A1. Marquez Ill – Ill Is Ill
B1. Marquez Ill – Ill Is Ill (Monoroom Dub)
B2. Marquez Ill – Komma Klar

„Ill Is Ill“ is the first release from Marquez Ill on Berlin’s fantastique label, Voltage Musique. A stunning slice of minimal yet atmospheric tech-house, featuring a deep and sleek dub remix from Monoroom, which manages to be both laid back and tightly funky at the same time. The B side also features a masterpiece of straight to the floor action named Komma Klar (Berlin slang for Get Real) – already passing the acid test on the dancefloor of legendary club Tresor… Ace!


Gino’s & Snake – Circus (Andreas Henneberg & Marquez Ill Remix)

Released by Voltage Musique Records
Cat# VMR015

Gino’s & Snake – Circus (Andreas Henneberg & Marquez Ill Remix)

Its Showtime, Everybody! Youd Better Clear The Decks For Ginos & Snakes Circus Ep! After Their Powerful Releases On Confused, The 2 French Guys Connected To The Oxia & The Hacker Posse Now Proudly Present To You Some Brandnew Yet Still Burning Club Tracks! And While The Trapeze Keeps On Swinging, The Jolly Clowns Will Take Off Their Red Noses And Rock With Us To Circus And Metro Area! No Question The Ringmasters Andreas Henneberg & Marquez Ill Will Splash Out With A King-sized Remix! Circus Is Fun! With Hot Support From: Monoroom, Oxia, The Hacker, Miss Kittin, Huntemann …